Saturday, May 16, 2009

I got in a dog fight......and lost.

Due to the somewhat graphic nature of these photos I am not posting them directly in the post. If you want to see them you will need to click on the links below to see the pictures in my Flicker account. I see lots of gross things all the time and these pictures don't bother me but this is a warning to the more squeamish out there.

A couple of our dogs got into a biting contest and I decided to join in on the fun. Unfortunately I don't have tough skin like a dog. My hands got pretty torn up. It hurts to grip. It hurts to touch stuff. It just plain hurts. This happened on Friday (051509) so hopefully I will be back to fighting strength after the weekend. Everyone lived so that is good. Ok on to the pictures.

This is the first bite. It almost looks human. Could it be that the wife snuck one in while I wasn't looking?

That one was in the first small dog fight. That was nothing. The real fight was to come. When it did come it was bad and quick. In the blink of an eye I had numerous puncture wounds on my hands and both dogs were injured. I had cuts on my fingers. I also had a puncture wound on the back of my left hand. A puncture wound on the base of my right thumb. Three puncture wounds on the base of my right thumb on the back of my hand. And last but certainly not least, two really crazy horribly painful disgusting puncture wounds on the palm of my right hand between my thumb and index finger.

The biggest tragedy of the night is my wife got someones blood on her Crocs. Even with blood on her Crocs she was able to save the day. She came in at the last second and soaked everyone with a pitcher of water. After being soaked the dogs lost their fighting spirit and decided they had had enough. Off to the vet for one and off to the emergency room for me. He got stitches. I did not. After the emergency room I began to think that the dog fight hadn't been so bad. At least it ended quickly. The emergency room drug on forever.

The important thing is everyone lived to fight another day. Just hopefully not with each other in the future.

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Melly said...

Yep, you lost. Maybe you should post photos of the dog. That might be interesting.